Sip on a Blue Mango from 417 Simply Better

Cool off this summer with a blue mango smoothie from 417 Simply Better.

By Tessa Cooper

May 2024

While the blue mango smoothie from 417 Simply Better (2463 W. Sunshine Street at Metro Eats) is enticing year-round, something about it just hits differently when you’re sipping it outside on a warm spring day. This is especially true when the sky matches this drink’s lovely hue, which comes from blue spirulina. Blue spirulina is a type of algae that contains all the good stuff like antioxidants, protein, vitamin B and copper. Now let’s move on to the best part: the chocolaty, fruity flavor. The ripe mango and bananas are already sweet in their own right, but the addition of dates, cacao and organic chocolate protein really makes this drink nutritious while still feeling a bit indulgent. Editor’s tip: Ask for a couple of toppings as a little extra treat, such as a few banana slices, dark chocolate chunks and a dusting of cinnamon.