Morning Day Café Ups Its Bloody Mary Game

As much as you might love a bloody mary, it's nothing without accessories. That’s where Morning Day Café’s impressive variety comes in.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Nov 2020

Bloody Mary varieties at Morning Day Cafe
Photo by Leah StiefermannSample the bloody mary options at Morning Day Café for yourself. Purchase Photo

No matter how much you love a good bloody mary (with loads of black pepper and plenty of heat), the drink itself is never quite good enough if it doesn’t come with some impressive accessories. I like my bloody marys to be loaded with crunchy veggies, tart pickled everything and a few savory touches, which is why the versions at Morning Day Café (101 S. Main St., Nixa) have caught my eye. Depending on which bloody mary you chose from their lineup, you could find yourself munching on everything from bacon and beef sticks to the nose-torturing burn of wasabi peas. Veggies come both pickled and fresh, with some uncommon items like microgreens making appearances. I honestly don’t know how to choose one, so I don’t plan to. I’ll be ordering a flight.

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