Pimm's Mule at Farmers Gastropub

This fruity gin-based concoction will transport you to a sunny afternoon in the English countryside.

By Megan Dollar

Jul 2021

PImms Mule
Photo By Leah StiefermannThe Pimms Mule is best with a lime and ginger beer to make for the perfect refreshing summer cocktail. Purchase Photo

The first time I tried Pimm’s—a fruity, gin-based liquor—was at a late summer lunch with a friend from London. “You have to try it,” she said. “It’s summertime in a glass.” She was right, and now I must drink a few Pimm’s cups every summer. The Pimm’s Mule at Farmer’s Gastropub (2620 S. Glenstone, Springfield) combines the best of a Pimm’s Cup and a Moscow mule with a bit of Pimm’s, some ginger beer and lime juice. The combination makes for a deliciously refreshing summer cocktail that’s sweet, but not too sweet, boozy, but not too boozy and good enough to sip on its own or alongside a meal. 

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