Rosé Mule from Farmers Gastropub

Farmers Gastropub puts a rosey twist on the classic Moscow mule.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2022

Rose mule
Photo by Leah StiefermannFarmer's Gastropub has put a spin on the Moscow Mule in the most perfect way. Purchase Photo

The Moscow mule is a great cocktail on its own (vodka, ginger beer, lime juice), but the real fun comes when bars and restaurants put their own spins on the drink. A base as simple as a mule’s leaves lots of room for having fun, and Farmers Gastropub (2620 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield) is great at it. We’ve seen lots of mule iterations on their menu, but our favorite has been the Rosé Mule for its beautiful balance of mood-lifting fizz, sharp ginger and not-too-sweet sparkling rosé. It tasted beautiful on its own but also complemented my meal perfectly. It was the kind of drink you could sip on all night without ever getting tired of it. But two rosé mules plus a salmon-topped salad was perfect for me.

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