Sip the Spicy Citrus Bloom from the Ozark Mill

Add a little spice to your palette with this summer time cocktail.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jun 2023

Spicy Citrus Bloom
Photos by Brandon AlmsSip on a spicy cocktail from the Ozark Mill this summer. Purchase Photo

No matter how many times my husband, Eli, offers me a drink of his bourbon-based cocktail and promises me it’s “so smooth!” I always end the sip with a crinkled nose and a “nope, no thanks.” For me, the perfect cocktail isn’t a moody whiskey-based throat-burner. It’s something light, bright and refreshing. And that’s why I reach for the Spicy Citrus Bloom every time I eat at The Ozark Mill Restaurant at Finley Farms. The alcohol is Tito’s vodka and elderflower liqueur (something strong and something delicate), and it’s dressed up with basil, grapefruit juice and jalapeño. In fact, you get a little fresh jalapeño slice as your floating garnish. But the heat isn’t overpowering in this drink. Instead, it provides just enough mild spice to make the cocktail interesting while the basil and grapefruit keep it bright and supremely drinkable. It’s really hard not to order a second after you’ve finished the first. But why try? I don’t.