At the Table with Clive Gray

For Clive Gray, owner of Grayson Mercantile, fall is the perfect time of year to gather around the table and enjoy the fruits of busy summer harvest.

By Lucie Amberg

Sep 2022

Man at table in fall cabin
Photo by Ryan RosenquistClive Gray believes fall is meant for gatherings at the table in his rustic cabin.

“I was raised on a big farm,” says Clive Gray, owner of Grayson Mercantile. “Every meal we ate was at the table. I don’t think there’s anything better you can do than get people together at the dinner table.” And for Gray, fall is the perfect time for such gatherings. The gifts of his summer garden have been planted, harvested and either preserved or frozen; there’s nothing left to do but enjoy them. Gray loves to welcome guests to his rustic cabin, Grayson Farm at Carter Hollow, and they often tell him that when they pass through his property’s gates, it’s like entering another world. They get to leave all the “drama trauma” of current headlines behind, he says. They’re greeted with a full dinner table, one that’s likely to include his mother Nola’s pumpkin cake. “She made it every fall,” he says.