Snack on Askinosie's Chocolate Covered Cherries and Hazelnuts

Askinosie Chocolate’s newest candy mix is a blast from the past—but way better.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Aug 2020

Askinosie Chocolate Covered Cherries and Hazelnuts
Photo courtesy Askinosie Chocolate

I remember snacking on bags of Brachs Bridge Mix candies as a kid, trying my hardest not to grab a chocolate-covered raisin (yuck) and scraping my teeth over the waxy chocolate to get to the nuts inside. The Chocolate Covered Cherries + Hazelnuts mix from Askinosie Chocolate is like the grown-up version of that classic treat. The whole hazelnuts are crisp inside, and the always luscious Askinosie dark and coconut milk chocolate coating is never waxy. And subbing chewy, tart dried cherries for saccharine-sweet raisins is just genius. It’s the crunchy, chewy, rich, melty delight that Bridge Mix only wishes it could be—and we love stashing a jar of it beside our desk for workday pick-me-ups and after-dinner indulgences.