Our Review of Harry's Cocktail Lounge and Bar

Harry’s Cocktail Lounge & Bar has a menu full of small bites with big flavors and refined cocktails.

By Tessa Cooper

Jan 2024

Food from Harry's Cocktail Lounge in southwest MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsHarry’s Cocktail Lounge & Bar's 24-hour Guinness-braised short rib sliders include sharp cheddar, red slaw and dill pickle. Purchase Photo

Getting to revel in a beautiful and lively atmosphere is half the fun of going out, but it’s all smoke and mirrors if the quality is lacking in the drinks and cuisine. Harry’s Cocktail Lounge & Bar (612 Devil’s Pool Rd., Ridgedale417-339-5200is one of those rare hidden gems that nails it all.  

The wood-paneled walls, glimmers of stained glass and comfy leather seats transport you to a bygone era. On the night of our visit, there was a live jazz band playing music at the perfect decibel for soft background music. We got to pick our seats, so I made a beeline toward the table right next to the beautiful stained glass, and thus, the stage was set for a delicious evening. 

For our drinks, I chose The Frisco and my husband, Chandler, went with the strawberry-infused Paper Plane. It was a chilly evening, but the chai-infused vodka and spiced pear liqueur in my drink warmed me right up. It was very chai-forward, but the pear added a bright flavor. I knew this cocktail would make a great pairing with the trio of desserts we planned on ordering after our other small plates, so I made sure to sip it slowly. 

I tried a sip of Chandler’s refreshing drink, and its acidity made a great match for the salty small plates we were about to try. Although Chandler has made this cocktail for himself at home before, this was his first time ordering it out. We were pleased to see they even included a paper plane garnish. 

Harry’s serves a frequently changing menu of small bites, and we ordered three of them. The first one we dove into was the deviled eggs topped with caviar, truffle infusion and chives. At first bite, the truffle takes center stage, but then the caviar adds a salty, umami flavor. The order only came with three deviled eggs, so we agreed to split the third because they were simply that good. 

Next up was the oven-roasted tomato tart, which was my favorite thing I ate that evening. The puff pastry was perfectly flaky and the natural sugars in the tomato caramelized in the roasting process, making it sweet. The goat cheese offered a smooth texture and complemented the tangy balsamic reduction and herbal notes from the basil. To round out the savory portion of our evening, we ordered the 24-hour Guinness braised short rib, which is sort of an elevated build-your-own-slider situation. Chandler described the texture of the short rib as “melt-in-your-mouth,” and I’d have to agree. 

For dessert, we couldn’t decide between the three offerings, so we went with all of them and ordered the petite sweets trio. Each one packed a punch when it came to flavor, and I particularly loved the strawberry mousseline with balsamic caviar served on a mini cone. I will say their small size and structure made them hard to split evenly, which is honestly just an excuse to order your own. 

When you’re ready to leave, be sure to ascend the spiraling stone staircase up to the Worman House. Since it was our first time visiting, we had the fortune of getting to see the grandeur of this circa-1920s beauty with fresh eyes. The ornate wood carvings and massive fireplaces evoke an enchanting, old-world feel right in the Ozarks. 

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