A Bite-Sized Review of The Bark Yard

It’s all about puppies, brews and quick snacks at The Bark Yard.

By Jorge Cespedes

Jun 2022

Man feeds dog at the Bark Yard in Springfield MO
Photo by Leah StiefermannThe Bark Yard, a new venue in Springfield, Missouri, offers fun for dogs and their best friends alike. Purchase Photo

In a city full of dog lovers, The Bark Yard offers a fun place to gather for customers with both two and four legs. It’s located at 3110 E. Cherry St. in Springfield, Missouri and offers lots of areas for your furry friends to run around, meet other pups and spend some energy. Plus there’s enough patio space for all the dog parents to grab a beer and snack and just chill. Grab your favorite beer and enjoy some Jalapeño Mac & Cheese Bites, which feel like little pillows of hot and cheesy delight and a hint of jalapeño and crunchy texture. Or if you’re a chips and dip kind of person (I know I am), then have their house fried potato chips with choice of dip. I recommend the spinach, artichoke and cheese dip. This sounds like a great day for both dog and dog parent.