Riot Desserts Makes Vegan, Sugar-Free Frozen Treats in Springfield

Springfield-based dessert maker, Riot Desserts, delivers vegan and sugar-free frozen desserts in three flavors

By Katie Pollock Estes

Dec 2020

Riot Desserts' dairy-free, sugar-free ice cream
Photo courtesy Riot DessertsRiot Dessert's dairy-free, sugar-free chocolate ice cream

On one of those scary-but-magical instances when the Internet reads your mind, I stumbled upon Springfield-based Riot Desserts on a day when I was seriously craving some ice cream. Riot makes vegan and sugar-free frozen desserts that you can order online by the pint. So naturally I ordered two pints pretty much immediately. I opted for chocolate and mint chip, which were hand-delivered to my door. The other flavor currently on the three-item menu is vanilla. That night, my whole family dug in. We gave the pints several minutes outside the freezer before scooping so they wouldn’t be too hard or icy, and we found that Riot’s desserts had a delightfully fluffy texture—sort of like a cross between frozen custard and marshmallow fluff. I can’t wait to see what other flavors this new dessert-maker comes up with down the road, but for now I’m happy to keep dipping into that cool chocolate goodness.