We Tried La Chiva Colombiana

This bright bus serves even brighter flavors.

By Jorge Cespedes

Apr 2022

Siblings and grandfather in front of bus
Photo by Leah StiefermannSiblings Nichol and Santiago Bonilla and their grandfather started La Chiva Colombiana so 417-land could experience the flavors of Colombia. Purchase Photo

We tried some outstanding South American flavors and the Colombian food truck La Chiva Colombiana. This colorful refurbished school bus turned food truck is managed by three very excited Colombian siblings that felt the need to introduce Springfield to the flavors and dishes of their country. Now, Chiva is a term used for a very colorful public bus in rural Colombia. It was the inspiration for their brand image, and I love it. When you visit, try the Colombian arepa, a round bread made of white corn dough that’s normally cooked on a flat top and stuffed with lots of delicious ingredients—in this case, melted cheese and seasoned shredded beef. There is so much more to try here, too. Like the buñuelos (small cheese breads) or bandeja paisa, which includes rice, beans, avocado, plantains, beef, fried eggs and more. Go and venture into the flavors of Colombia. You can find the bus at 1530 E. Saint Louis St.