Why You Should Try JW's Kitchen

A newcomer to Farmers Park, JW’s Kitchen is slinging out classic American breakfast dishes with an English flair, plus bottomless coffee and boozy brunch drinks.

By Tessa Cooper

Apr 2024

Photo by Brandon AlmsThe avocado toast, the biscuit breakfast, The Full English, Lillet Blanc Spritz and Bloody Mary are just a few of our favorite items on the menu at JW’s Kitchen. Purchase Photo

Suite B101 at Farmers Park has been home to some of Springfield’s most beloved concepts. Between its former lives as Metropolitan Farmer and then Progress, I’ve enjoyed so many amazing meals with friends and family in that space. When I heard that JW’s Kitchen would be opening here, I was super pleased to find out that Andy and Misty Hampshire were the forces behind it. The Hampshires own and operate Farmers Gastropub, which has positioned itself as a true Springfield institution over the years. 

Andy’s British roots and love of Southern comfort food are both evident in the menu at JW’s Kitchen. While they do have some lighter dishes on the lineup, you should really come here when you are craving a filling breakfast that will warm you to your core. 

On my first visit, I ordered the avocado toast, which is always one of my go-to dishes at any brunch spot. Avocado toast obviously requires very few ingredients, so the quality of each really matters. Bottom line, this version nailed it. The base of the Neighbor’s Mill whole grain toast did an excellent job supporting the mashed avocado—it was sliced thick but not too thick. I picked up a dill flavor in the lemon-herbed ricotta spread, and it gave it the most pleasant, fresh taste. On top of the smashed avocado rested a diced hard-boiled egg mix, everything seasoning and pickled red onion. This dish is full of flavor and proves avocado toast doesn’t have to be boring.

Photos by Brandon Alms Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon Alms Purchase Photo

My brother Jace joined me for the meal, and he went the classic route and ordered the biscuit breakfast. I stole a few bites, and the biscuits were delightfully light and fluffy, and the gravy had a wonderful spicy kick to it. On the day of our visit, the gravy was a bit on the thin side for my taste. However, I would really love to try it again because it looks like it usually has a great consistency based on the pictures I’ve seen floating around social media. Also, one of my friends recently ordered the chocolate gravy and raved about it. Both my dish and Jace’s dish came with potatoes sliced thick with a crispy exterior, yet soft to the core. They were extra salty, just the way I like them. 

If you want to try something that’s definitely Andy’s specialty, I would suggest ordering The Full English, which includes sausage links, bacon, black pudding, roasted mushrooms, broiled tomato, fried potatoes, baked beans and Neighbor’s Mill toast. 

Now let’s talk beverages. I ordered the coffee, and they brewed it at the exact medium strength that I like for pairing with breakfast. The boldness still held its own with a splash of cream in it. While I didn’t order a breakfast cocktail that day, I looked at the drink menu after the fact and immediately had regrets. Catch me sipping the Lillet Blanc spritz on the patio on my next visit.