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Julie Blackmon's “Birds at Home” Featured in The Atlantic

Springfield artist Julie Blackmon is the authority in capturing lovely chaos.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2021

“Birds at Home” by Julie Blackmon
Photo courtesy Julie Blackmon“Birds at Home”

We get positively giddy when we see work from Springfield photographer Julie Blackmon show up in other publications. We feel a little hit of hometown pride, and we are especially pleased with ourselves when we identify the style as all her own before we even see her name in the photo credit. So imagine our joy when we saw her piece “Birds at Home” in The Atlantic, being used to illustrate the article “The Myth That Gets Men Out of Doing Chores.” Those cute kids. Those precisely haphazard eggshells strewn about. All those details that come together so beautifully. It could only be Julie Blackmon, right?