Best Indoor Fun for Grown-Ups in Springfield, Missouri

Are you on the hunt for indoor activities for your work crew, best buddies or a date night? This list of indoor fun will keep your heart pumping and make sure you are fueled up for fun.

By Jennifer Johnmeyer

Dec 01 2023 at 11 a.m.

Andy B's Bowl Social

417-883-12341127 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield

Andy B’s is a great solution for groups with separate interests still looking to share party space. Whether you’re planning an ever-so-competitive date night or an evening out with all your friends, there’s something for all group sizes and interests. Your options don’t end at bowling. Take advantage of a diverse assortment of games.

Who to Bring: Your friend who is sure they can bowl 300. You’ll either cheer them to their big goal, or gently razz them when they wind up throwing a gutter ball or two.

Volleyball Beach Ozark

417-771-93301198 State Hwy NN, Ozark

Sometimes you can learn a lot about a friend or your other half by watching them spike a ball like it’s their side hustle. Volleyball Beach Ozark offers 10 white-sand courts. A dome covers the facility from October to May, so you can get that beach feeling—and some bonding—year-round.

Who to Bring: Those friends who always joined for ultimate Frisbee back in college. You can feel nostalgic for the old days by playing a different team sport.

Classic's Yard

417-881-76251900 W Sunset St, Springfield

In the back of the Classic Rock Coffee building is a space filled with fun that will get your crew moving. They have pickleball courts, basketball, cornhole, ping-pong and a bunch more. There’s even fowling, a game that involves hurling a football at some bowling pins. Oh and there’s a full bar and food from Classic Rock Coffee’s menu, for when you need a little snack.

Who to Bring: Your favorite couple (or maybe two) for a small-group night out. Bonus points if you can get a babysitter.

Big Shots

417-427-30401930 E Kearney St, Springfield

Not a golf person? You don’t have to be at Big Shots Golf. Book a tee box, kick back and connect with your friends while making fun of each other’s swings. Compete for bragging rights or just enjoy chatting over apps and drinks and snapping group pics.

Who to Bring: Your whole family. We know we said this list was for grown-ups, but kids can practice their swings too—and the private tee boxes mean they won’t bug your neighbors.


417-544-13441217 Branson Landing Blvd, Branson

New arrival MetaGolf boasts a state-of-the-art golf simulator that can transport your group of friends to more than 200 world-famous courses (Pebble Beach, anyone?). Play for fun, participate in tournaments for real prizes or practice your swing with pros.

Who to Bring: Your golf buddies, of course.