Legends in the Making: Ozark Lunkers Arena Football Team

Cam Bruffett and the brand new Ozarks Lunkers Arena League football team are ready tackle their first season in southwest Missouri.

By Kali Salazar

Jun 2024

Lunkers football team
Photo by Joshua BeecherCam Bruffett and the new Ozarks Lunkers Arena Football team members are gearing up for the 2024 arena league season.

A good football team is only as strong as their coach, and Cam Bruffett plans to pour everything he has into his new position as head coach of Springfield, Missouri’s new Arena League football team, the Ozarks Lunkers. Born and raised in southwest Missouri, Bruffett’s football career began at Fair Grove High School. After graduation, he continued his career at Evangel University for four years as a defensive back and received all-conference recognition each year he played. He joined the coaching staff at Evangel in 2015, but decided he wasn’t quite done playing and continued to pursue a career with The Pittsburgh Power Arena Football League. At the end of their season, he signed with the Cleveland Gladiators and played for about a year and a half before leaving the AFL due to a hamstring injury. 

In 2016, he accepted a position that aligned more with his passion for coaching and became the offensive coordinator at Logan Rogersville High School. In 2023, Bruffett got the opportunity to become the head coach at Parkview High School, where he currently still coaches. “I plan to be here for a long time, and it’s a special place to me,” says Bruffett. “I get to continue coaching at Parkview at the same time as I coach the Lunkers.”

As Bruffett gears up for the Arena League’s inaugural 2024 season, he is excited for fans to experience all the arena has to offer and to share his passion for football with those who attend a Lunkers game. He’s also happy to say that the environment in the arena will be 100% family-friendly. “All the shows will have family-friendly entertainment with exciting football, dance teams, face painting for kids, concessions and more,” says Bruffett. 

When talking about his vision for the Ozarks Lunkers, he says they’re planning to go all in and work hard to develop a championship caliber team. “We’re going to give local talent and stars the opportunity to play professional football,” says Bruffet. He is proud to say most of the 17 players they’ve selected for the team are 417-land natives. 

Bruffett encourages fans to follow the Lunkers’ social media to learn about this brand-new team and build excitement while the Ozarks Lunkers prepare to make their big splash out on the field.