Where to Find Fashionable Dog Accessories

Even our furriest friends deserve a little style at home. We rounded up some aesthetically pleasing dog beds, bowls and accessories from local shops.

by Heather Kane Kohler

Mar 2021

Dog on dog bed
Photo courtesy Fetch Pet Supplies & GiftsKeep your companion cozy with a Molly Mutt bed from Fetch Pet Supplies & Gifts.

Stylish Dog Beds and Gourmet Treats at Fetch Pet Supplies & Gifts

1332 E. Republic Rd., Springfield, 417-368-1295
Fetch has it all, but their Molly Mutt beds are one thing that can make both you and your pup happy. They come in a variety of sizes and colorful patterns, which is perfect for matching it to your home decor. Simply stuff the washable Molly Mutt duvet with your old pillows and blankets so your dog will be calmed by your scent.  Fetch Pet Supplies & Gifts also sells adorably decorated bakery dog treats.

Built in Dog Bowls and Crates at Cabinet Concepts by Design

4123 State Hwy H, Springfield, 417-725-3400
Save space without sacrificing style by creating custom cabinet solutions for your pet! The toe-kick dog food bowl pullout is great for dogs that don’t free-feed. They can be integrated into most cabinets in any room. Cabinet Concepts by Design specializes in a touch-to-open bowl system. You just nudge it with your foot and the feeding station pulls out. If you don’t have the floor space for a dog crate, integrating a custom crate into your laundry room or mudroom is a great idea. Cabinet Concepts by Design can incorporate them into a custom cabinet space, in any size and with or without a gate.

Stylish Dog Accessories at H.I.M.

2636 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-771-5166
From stylish bow ties and collars to sophisticated bandannas, H.I.M. has lots of accessories for your canine counterpart. They also carry dog bowls, super fun doggie placemats and chew toys. The local and award-winning dog product line, Fox + Hound, is also available at H.I.M. Keep your home smelling fresh with their pet laundry detergent, odor + stain remover and fragrance sprays for dogs.