Git Lit with a Selection of Candles from Springfield Stores

Get in on the local candle craze. Trust us, your eyes and nose will thank you.

Written and styled by Colin Shea Denniston, photographed by Collin Yung

Aug 2021

On the hunt for a hostess gift? Looking for a way to dress up that coffee table? We love the way candles add texture and color to a space while still being easy to swap out as the seasons change. Get in on the local candle craze—and trust us, your eyes and nose will thank you.

Candles from Springfield, MO stores
Photo by Collin YungFloral arrangement and vase, $398 at The Thicket; Rosy Rings Honey Tobacco tin candle $11.95 at PINE; Bloomingville canister candle holder, $8 at The Market; Field + Fleur bourbon oak wicker candle, $42 at The Thicket; Paloma lemongrass-geranium-rosemary candle, $39.99 at Brown Derby Wine Center; Glass cloche, $14 at Harrison House Market; Thomas Blonde candle (under cloche), $39.50 at Harrison House Market; Illume cypress lavender tin candle, $24 at The Market; Ilume candle snuffer, $19 at The Market; Beads, $18.50 at Harrison House Market; Books, $50–60 at Obelisk Home; Black Resin Candle Holder, $22.50 at Harrison House Market; Root candles, $4 each at The Thicket.
Candles photo verticle image of glass candle holders
Photo by Collin YungAssorted Root candles, $4 each at The Thicket; glass candlesticks, $60 each at Obelisk Home.
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