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Take a Look at the Kissee Family's Perfect Summer Porch

The Kissee family enjoys lazy afternoons on their beloved porch swing in West Springfield.

By Heather Kohler

Jul 2024

Front porch
Photo by Leah StiefermannThe Kissees gather on the porch swing large enough to fit the whole family. Purchase Photo

It was a Christmas gift from Caitlin Kissee’s husband that brought the family’s porch swing to life. “I had always wanted a bed swing, and Weston wrapped a photo of one promising to build one that spring,” she says. Weston stayed true to his promise and built the swing that would later become the family’s favorite thing about their porch. 

The Kissees built on eight acres of family land and moved into their custom modern craftsman home in April 2020. “My kids are the seventh generation to live on this land,” says Kissee. “It’s a very cool legacy for our family.”

Kissee says the family sees a lot of wildlife out there. “We love looking out to the woods and the pond from the swing,” she says. Kissee also loves to sit on the swing and watch her three kids—Topher, 8; Crawford, 4; and Arlo, 2—ride bikes and scooters in their circle drive. “It’s also great that the whole family can fit on the swing together,” says Kissee. The bed swing has proven to be a great place for family photos and a peaceful spot to read a good book. “My oldest son and I are big readers,” says Kissee. “We love curling up on the swing to read.” The kids have grown a lot over the past four years on their land. “It’s been so enjoyable to watch as things grow around our home,” says Kissee. “It’s a measurement of the kids growing up on the land too.”