10 Style Trends That Are Hot This Spring

It's time to embrace a new season full of new styles! From textured bags to bold prints, we've got a roundup of what's hot and trending this spring in southwest MO.

By Celeste Koritz

Mar 2019

Katelynn Scarf from Revel Boutique

Animal Print

You’re not the only one seeing spots this season. From high fashion runways to local boutiques, leopard print is making a big comeback! This adaptable print can add interest to a casual white-tee, or can serve as a beautiful accent piece to spice up your look. 

Katelynn Scarf | Revel Boutique | $12.50

Stevie Layered Necklace from Clothe Boutique

Layered Necklaces

From dainty to detailed, designers are utilizing layers on necklaces to make a fashion statement that our favorite It girls are loving! These multi-strand necklaces add texture and contrast to any fashion look. 

Stevie Layered Necklace | Clothe Boutique | $40

Fringe Bag from Country Lace Boutique

Fringe Bags

The fringe binge is in full swing this spring season! From handbags to earrings, it’s head-turning detail can be incorporated in easy and enthusing ways for daytime and evening looks.

Light Leopard Tear Drop with Fringe | Country Lace Boutique | $35

Betty Belt Bag from Torn Boutique

Fanny Packs

The revival of the fanny pack is here to stay. No matter your look, these ultra-convenient bags have gotten the attention of everyone on the street and runway. Fanny packs can be easily paired with an everyday athletic look like leggings and a basic t-shirt, or more lavishly with a bodycon dress to create attention. This piece not not only looks good, but is also very practical. 

Betty Belt Bag | Torn Boutique | $29

Shield Sunglasses from Clothe Boutique

Shield Sunglasses

Narrow, elongated eyewear seem to be the move for a more minimalist and sleek aesthetic this season.  From different colored lenses to the thickness of frames, the simplicity allows you to play around and have fun. These sunglasses can be fashioned with something as simple as with your favorite swimming suit, or as an accent piece with a sundress. The options are endless.

Hindsight Quay Sunglasses | Clothe Boutique | $60

Platform Shoes from Uptown Boutique

Platform Shoes

Known for their nostalgic popularity, the platform shoe is back in. Top designers have exposed these 70s popular trend on the runway and it’s no secret they’re here to stay. From heels to sandals, the bulky and bold duo can create any look you’re striving for. 

Knowing The Way Platform | Uptown Boutique | $38

Drop Hoop Earrings from Clothe Boutique

Drop Hoop Earrings

These youthful and simplistic hoops take accessorizing to the next level. Shown on runways all over the world, these eye-catching earrings focus on the basics.  With the exclamation point in the middle of the hoop, these earrings display a simple way to be contemporary, yet fashionable.  

Callie Hoop with Jasper Stone | Clothe Boutique | $35

Patch Work Dress from Revel Boutique

Patch Work Dresses

Create the perfect nomadic look with this colorful and stylish maxi dress. As showcased on major runways, bohemian prints and patterns are on taking it a step further with mastering reworking.  Whether you’re a nervous or brave dresser, this look is the perfect easy and light mixture. Wear it with pumps or sandals for a versatile wardrobe piece. 

Colorful Patches Maxi Dress | Revel Boutique | $82

Tie Front Blouse from Clothe Boutique

Tie Front Blouse

Details make the difference on this simple yet intriguing tie-front top. Demonstrated on major influencers through social media, this trend is immensely sought-after for its pleasurable and customizable silhouette. Though simple, the tie front draws the eye in and makes the perfect interest piece. 

Saturday in the Sun Top | Clothe Boutique | $68

Conductor Hat from Clothe Boutique

Conductor Hat

Spark interest and uniqueness with this trendy and versatile hat. Shown on influencers and runways worldwide, conductor hats are more popular than ever. From casual to chic, this hat will be the perfect go-to wardrobe piece.  Pair it with black striped pants and solid neutral v-neck shirt for a casual, daytime look or with a simple, patterned sundress.  

Conductor Hat | Clothe Boutique | $68