Shop for Fat and the Moon Soaps and Personal Care Products at SOAP Refill Station

We love these soap products from a local southwest Missouri shop that aims to help you live a sustainable lifestyle.

By Sinjin Sanders

Sep 2020

Eye Coal Black
Courtesy Fat and the MoonFat and the Moon’s eye coal is a natural eye shadow.

Reducing your waste is often difficult with so many household essentials coming into your home packaged in single-use plastics. Springfield’s SOAP Refill Station is mostly focused on providing liquid soaps that you can use to fill bottles you already have at home to help reduce that waste, but we’ve also been obsessed with one of their personal care lines lately. 

Fat and the Moon makes personal care items like dry shampoos (i.e. no plastic container at all), deodorants, lotions, makeup and shaving products that are focused on natural ingredients over chemicals and reusable and recyclable containers over single-use containers. This line also utilizes plants that are abundant, ethically sourced and organically cultivated. Each of their personal care products are handmade in Grass Valley, California.

The creator, Rachel Budde, is an herbalist with a unique interest in natural remedies, ingredients and self-care. Fat and the Moon can be found at the SOAP Refill Station, located downtown on Campbell Avenue.