Making a Statement with Statement Handmade

For one young local designer, a pandemic-era craft project turned into a surprisingly successful jewelry line, where low prices and high standards meet.

By Colin Shea Denniston

Apr 2023

Photo by Brandon AlmsStatement Handmade items can be found on Instagram, @statementhandmade. Purchase Photo

Abby McGrath’s early-pandemic era project turned itself into a successful jewelry and accessory line which she now calls Statement Handmade.

McGrath started making her signature polymer clay earrings in her dorm room in March of 2020. On top of being a way to fill her days, McGrath designs gave her a chance to fill a void she had found in the jewelry market. “I noticed that a lot of other people were selling [similar earrings] and it just wasn’t at a price that I could afford,” McGrath says. For Statement Handmade, McGrath set her own price range, with studs starting at $5 and her highest priced pieces topping out around $20.

And while her business is quickly growing, McGrath still has a literal hand in every piece she creates, noting that all of her pieces are still “hand-drilled, hand-molded, rolled, everything.”