Looking for Nail Salons in Springfield? Here's Our Roundup

If your nails need some TLC or you're looking for some creative nail art, Springfield has a nail salon offering what you need. Check out our roundup of a few of our favorite nail salons in Springfield, Missouri.

by Jordan Blomquist

Jun 2024

Nails by Gloss Nail Lounge in Springfield, Missouri.
Photo courtesy Gloss Nail Lounge

Springfield has an abundance of nail salons, each offering its own blend of unique services. Whether you're in search of a luxurious spa experience or a trendy spot for the latest nail art trends, our roundup has you covered.

Pink + White Nail Studio

900 E. Battlefield Rd. Suite 148, Springfield, 417-319-5757

Pink + White’s services include dipping powder, acrylic extensions and hard gel extensions, as well as pedicure and waxing services. The basic manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle work, a massage and polish, while the deluxe manicure service adds an extended massage, collagen glove and hot towel treatment. Both packages are available with regular or gel polish.

“The staff at Pink + White was kind, understanding, hospitable and very customer-centered every time I've been there.” —Allie Free, editorial writing intern

Gloss Nail Lounge

2712 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-350-1048

Known for its modern techniques and stellar customer service, Gloss Nail Lounge is a go-to among many people in Springfield. Gloss offers manicures, pedicures and other esthetician services. Located in the Brentwood Shopping Center, customers are welcomed with a clean space and a variety of colors and design options available. Check out their work on Instagram at gloss417.

“I love Gloss because of their excellent customer service and their commitment to the highest quality product and design. I've been going to Gloss for close to five years now, and it's because of Sandy and John I'll keep going back!” —Elizabeth VanFosson, digital coordinator.

Take a look at some of the designs from Gloss Nail Lounge below, hand-modeled by frequent client Elizabeth VanFosson, 417 Magazine's Digital Coordinator.

Nails by Gloss Nail Lounge
Photos courtesy Elizabeth VanFosson, Gloss Nail Lounge
Nails done by Gloss Nail Lounge in Springfield MO
Photos courtesy Elizabeth VanFosson, Gloss Nail Lounge
Custom nails by Gloss Nail Lounge in Springfield MO
Photos courtesy Elizabeth VanFosson, Gloss Nail Lounge
Painted acrylic nails by Gloss Nail Lounge in Springfield MO
Photos courtesy Elizabeth VanFosson, Gloss Nail Lounge
Colored nails by Gloss Nail Lounge in Springfield MO
Photos courtesy Elizabeth VanFosson, Gloss Nail Lounge

Glam Boutique Nails and Spa

2150 W. Republic Rd. #116, Springfield, 417-771-5675

The nail artists at Glam Boutique Nail and Spa can do almost any design. Whether it’s chrome, magnetic polish or 3D nail art, Glam Boutique is always on top of the current trends. They even have a TikTok page showcasing some of their best design work.

“I know I can count on the staff at Glam to make sure my nails are on point! Angel always does a great job with cute-but-tasteful designs, and she really makes my Pinterest nail dreams come true.”—Katy St. Clair, photographer and designer

Alpha Nails

3639 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-890-1270

Alpha Nails offers manicures and pedicures with gel polish or dipping powder, as well as solar nails, a type of nail extension designed to be stronger than acrylic. Alpha Nails highlights much of their work on their Facebook page.

“Alpha Nails is my favorite! Not only do they consistently deliver amazing results, but they also make a point to know me and all their clients by name. That level of personalized service speaks volumes about their commitment to their customers!”—McKenzie Robinson, advertising designer

Lucky Nails

640 W. Republic Rd. Suite 120, Springfield, 417-823-8829

Lucky Nails offers all the classic nail services, as well as discounted prices for those 10 years old and younger. They also offer an herbal spa manicure and pedicure, which includes fragrant essential oils, dried herbs, unscented scrubs, masks, lotion and massage oil.

Le Posh Nail Studio

3433 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-771-5233

Le Posh Nail Studio dubs themselves “the kingdom of nail art.” They have a variety of pedicure options, such as their pearl spa pedicure, chamomile pedicure, volcano spa pedicure and diamond spa pedicure, all with varying scrubs, lotions and oils.

Stylin’ Nails and Spa

2775 S. Campbell Ave. Suite 105, Springfield, 417-771-5458

Offering a variety of classic services, Stylin’ Nails and Spa also frequently runs discounts. They even have a happy hour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday with 10% off, or 15% off if you bring a friend.

Aqua Nails Spa

3630 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 2825 S. Glenstone Ave. # F0ID, Springfield, 417-501-8179

Aqua Nails Spa has two locations in town. Their classic manicure starts at $25, while their Aqua Signature manicure is $40 and includes a 30-minute luxury treatment with cuticle trimming, nail shaping, exfoliation, a hand massage with hot oil and lotion, a paraffin wax treatment and your choice of polish.