Shop Simply at Goldenrod

Use the minimalism-meets-style vibe at Goldenrod, a new shop on Pickwick Avenue, to find inspiration for your own home.

By Jo Everhart

Jul 2021

Jen Jeppsen sits in front of yellow door at Goldenrod
Photo by Brandon AlmsJen Jeppsen opened Goldenrod in April and fills the store with antique home decor. Purchase Photo

Driving down Pickwick, you’ll see people walking and milling around. The black wrought iron fence stands in front of people talking and laughing at tables on a brick patio that leads to the bright yellow door of Goldenrod (619 S. Pickwick Ave., Springfield, 417-693-3587). Inside is fresh and airy with newly picked tulips on the checkout counter and shelf after shelf of beautifully decorated antiques. The pieces all complement one other and are grouped perfectly together. 

Although they look effortlessly done, store owner Jen Jeppsen meticulously arranges everything each day. “I just like to make it where they walk in and can see things grouped together, pieces that look fresh and bright together or in a way they wouldn’t have thought about,” she says. “The guesswork goes out of it, and they can just walk through and get ideas of how it looks put together.” 

Brass candlesticks and decor
Photos by Brandon AlmsJeppsen says she is seeing a rise in the use of brass as this trend becomes more popular. "When you mix brass with milk glass and plants, that crisp green and bright white with the shiny brass is such a strong contrast that really pops," says Jeppsen.
Table decorated in front of window
Photos by Brandon AlmsWhile Goldenrod has a nice collection of gifts and decor, they also sell a wide variety of antique furniture items.
Bench with pillow and plants
Photos by Brandon AlmsGoldenrod's inventory is a mix of house plants, furniture and decor.

While hunting on your own for antiques at flea markets, garage sales and antique shops, it can often be difficult to find the diamond in the rough, and once you’ve purchased it, it can be even harder to know how to use it in your home. The minimalist shelves at Goldenrod allow you to see each piece and envision them in your own home. The perfect piece will add a lot to your home. “Antique pieces can add character, uniqueness and timeless class that is such a statement,” Jeppsen says. 

Although Goldenrod opened in April, it is gaining popularity, and its pieces are quickly selling out. “I search for whatever I can find that has had a story before and has made someone else’s house beautiful in the past and now makes someone’s house beautiful and gives that piece life again,” Jeppsen says. “Taking something that got discarded and giving it new purpose is so much more fun than a department store.”