Innovative Dental's Smile Makeover Winner

Shelby Lehr was selected as Innovative Dental's 2019 Smile Makeover Contest Winner, just in time to revamp her smile for her wedding.

By Jessie Rotton

May 2019

When Shelby Lehr entered Innovative Dental’s 2019 Smile Makeover Contest, she wanted nothing more than to feel beautiful on her big day—her upcoming fall wedding. Although she had worked out all of the gorgeous details complete with an intimate setting, Shelby did not feel ready to be front and center in all of her pictures.

Shelby was dealing with a crowded, uneven smile. The formation of her teeth made it difficult for Shelby not to grind in her sleep, causing her discomfort and ongoing damage. As a result, Shelby experienced corrosion and chipping away of her teeth.

““With my wedding approaching very soon, I did not want my picture taken. I was worried about how I was gonna hide my teeth and which way I could smile without it being completely obvious...”
— Shelby Lehr

Innovative Dental Smile Makeover winner, Shelby Lehr
Photo Courtesy Shelby LehrPictured above is Shelby Lehr's smile before beginning Invisalign treatment.

After years of feeling self-conscious and avoiding smiling, Shelby was thrilled to learn that she had been selected as the winner for Innovative Dental’s 2019 Smile Makeover. With this prize, Shelby will receive a free Invisalign treatment using Innovative Dental's advanced appliances and techniques for an ultra-speedy process. 

Q&A with Lauren Olson of Innovative Dental

417 Magazine: What made you select Shelby as your 2019 Smile Makeover Contest winner?
Lauren Olson: We chose Shelby because of her selfless, sweet spirit. She is one of the warmest, kindest people I have met. You can tell within the first few minutes of meeting her. Shelby wasn’t confident in her smile, and we knew we had to give her a smile that reflected her beautiful character.

417: What does the timeline for the Invisalign process look like?
L.O.: The timeline for Invisalign is different for everyone. At Innovative Dental, we can reduce treatment time by up to 70% by the use of Propel technology. Accelerating treatment is a huge benefit to our patients. Shelby’s treatment will take approximately 9-10 months, as it is a more complicated case.

417: What makes someone a good Invisalign candidate?
L.O.: Almost everyone is a candidate for Invisalign! Kids, teens, working moms, you name it! The only real requirement is a willingness to commit to wearing the trays 22 hours a day and keep up with monthly visits to check progress. It’s amazing what we can accomplish through Invisalign.

417: What specific changes will someone start to notice throughout the Invisalign process?
L.O.: Throughout the process, patients may notice changes in not only the appearance of their smile, but also in the way their bite feels. Our team is there to walk our patients through every step, answering questions and making sure treatment is staying on track!

Check back for updates

Check back for progress pictures and updates on Shelby Lehr's smile makeover journey with Innovative Dental. For a chance to win like Shelby, be on the lookout for the Smile Makeover Contest in October 2019 on

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