10 Most Beautiful 2014

We’re so excited to introduce you to the 10 winners—every single one of them gorgeous both inside and out thanks to their giving natures, goodwill, inspiring personalities or community involvement.

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First grade teacher at Mathews Elementary School
Charity: Care to Learn
Age 34

Every morning at Mathews Elementary School, Katie Hoesch greets each of her 22 first graders with a smile. Her eyes sparkle as she promptly begins her morning lesson, laughing with her students as she teaches math, English and reading. But she loves teaching one subject in particular: compassion.

“Each year, the kids and I find a local cause that needs attention,” Katie says. “I make sure that it’s a cause that the students relate to, and we try to hit compassion around Christmas and maintain it throughout the year.”

One year Katie’s classroom raised money for a student whose brother had passed away from cancer. Another year her class donated supplies for a local animal shelter. Last year, her students raised money for the kindergartners down the hall who couldn’t afford to purchase milk at snack time. “It’s so important for the students to learn compassion, but it’s also a good way for my students who do get assistance to understand that it’s okay; we all need help sometimes.”

Her philosophy of patience and persistence guides her in and out of the classroom while raising her three children: Henry, who attends Mathews Elementary, and Campbell and Caroline who will eventually attend as well. Katie can’t wait.

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Peek inside the lives of our 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2014 as they prepared for their September photo shoot.


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