Wedding Invitations

By Ettie Berneking | Photographed by Jessica Kennon Spencer

Jun 2014


Get your guests talking about your upcoming nuptials with these lovely invites from 417-land bridal boutiques and talented artists.  

  1. From: Provence Bridal, 2659 E. Normandy Dr., Ste. 104, Springfield, 417-887-1930,
    Love-Worthy: This William Arthur invite captures the simplicity and elegance of more traditional invitations but adds just a hint of color. Prices vary, so call for details.
  2. From: Fresh Heifers Artisan Letterpress,
    Love-Worthy: Tamara von Foerster is the artist behind these hand-made invites. She specializes in handmade paper, which is just one of the reasons why these letterpress invites are so fabulous. A basic invitation package includes 100 invites and starts at $1,000.
  3. From: Celebrated Occasions, 3107 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-881-1854,
    Love-Worthy: With all the beautiful natural settings that are peppered throughout southwest Missouri, this nature-inspired die-cut invitation is a perfect fit at $339.92 for 100. 
  4. From: PaperWorld Stationer and Gift Boutique, 1353 E. Montclair, Springfield, 417-887-2884,
    Love-Worthy: If you're looking for a more classic invitation, check out this simple stunner. While it’s super-formal, this invitation is given a modern twist with gold-leaf lettering. Packages start at $760 for 100 invites.
  5. From: Queen City Paper Company, 
    Love-Worthy: These custom-made invitations by Sarah Carney Nortris are offered in a variety of styles and designs. Custom-illustrated invites start at $350 for design services plus the cost of printing, and pre-designed invites start at $450 for 100.