From the Groom: Looking Back

We always hear about what the brides love about their big days. This time, we turn to the grooms to learn what cherished moments from the weddings they hold dearest.

By Ettie Berneking | Photo by Meg White Photography

Dec 2014

All About the Dress: Tyler Pool says one of his favorite moments from his wedding day was seeing his bride, Allison Burbee, in her dress.

“Our first look. I was very nervous, but she was so beautiful in that dress. I was actually worried by her description of the dress early in the planning process. She showed me some pictures that had all kinds of bulky lace and materials, which had me imagining something kind of crazy, but she came out in an amazing, slender dress adorned with antique jewels from both sides of our families. I couldn’t have pictured a more gorgeous bride!”—Tyler Pool 

“I really enjoyed our first dance. We practiced for months and months, and we performed the dance perfectly! I was really nervous, so it was nice to get it over with.”—Jacob McGuire

“Having all my boys and loved ones share our home and talk about the past and fun times we had together during the weekend of our wedding. It was great hearing what they thought about our relationship and how Erin and I had grown as individuals and as a couple.”—Tamarr Maclin

“The groomsmen blessing. I had a great group of groomsmen. We shared a powerful moment before the ceremony. We circled up and each man said a prayer. I’ll never forget that.”
—Tyler Kinney

“After the ceremony and reception, Christine and I paused for a moment amidst the business to sit on one of the swings at Ms. Gilmore’s Carriage House. Christine told me to take a deep breath and remember this moment. It was just me and her. That simple moment is still so vivid in my mind.“ —Ryon Temple