Tips From 417-Brides

Planning a wedding can be stressful. We’ve gathered tips from 417-land brides for how to avoid all the headaches.

By Ettie Berneking

Dec 2014

Tips From 417-Brides

“Have confidence in each vendor, and let them do their jobs.”—Jacqueline Hagale

“Give your cell phone to someone, and enjoy the present. You don’t want to remember the day as a series of selfies.”—Rachel Robinson

“Smile. You’ll be a much more beautiful bride if you do.”—Maggie Beachner
“Make an awesome playlist. Choose songs that will help make your night unforgettable!”—Katy Chapman

“Keep some double-sided fashion tape on hand for your dress.”—Julie Willhite

“Enjoy the planning process! It goes by so quickly.”—Jessica Yates

“Get a videographer. It will capture things you normally would have forgotten about.”—Layton Russell

“Take your groom’s hand and pause. It all goes by so fast.”
—Christine Temple