Bride to Bride Advice

Throw the perfect wedding without the headache with these tips from 417-land brides.

By Rose Marthis

Dec 2015

Bride to Bride Advice

“When working on a budget, list every wedding expense in order of importance to you. Then spend money on the things that are on the top of your list first. This way if there’s no money left when you get to the bottom, then who cares?” —Alicia McMurry, featured in the summer 2015 issue of 417 Bride 


“Before you officially decide on a date, look for the venues and photographers and videographers you really love, and consider them when picking a date. Some types of vendors book out months to a year or more in advance.” —Alissa Bird, featured in the summer 2015 issue of 417 Bride


“Write your own vows. Then have a vow date with your groom to discuss what you’ve written!” —Amber Musgrave, featured in the summer 2015 issue of 417 Bride


“Try to make as many of the decorations as you can, and use your friends and family as resources. Go to local antique shops, and find a really artsy friend to design programs or make signage. It saves money, and people want to help.” —Angela Stillwagon, featured in the summer 2015 issue of 417 Bride


“Just because your wedding is a year away, don’t fall victim to not preparing. Utilize a wedding planning itinerary that provides you with a timeline of when certain details of your wedding day should be done/arranged. This will help organize your thoughts and keep you on track as the months tick down to your wedding.” —Lindsay Kemp, featured in the winter 2015 issue of 417 Bride