Switch Out Your Throw Pillows with the Seasons

As we move from summer into fall in the Ozarks, switch out your throw pillows for a quick and easy, yet impactful, update to your home's decor.

By Heather Kane Kohler | Styled by Heather Kane Kohler and Colin Shea Denniston

Sep 2020

(Clockwise from top) 1. Ngala Trading Co., Monkey Bean pillow, $414 at James Home Decor | 2. Lillian August, Piquillo Pillow, $400 at Obelisk Home | 3. Daniel Stuart Studio, Arendal Alpine, $150 at Obelisk Home | 4. Ngala Trading Co, Lovebird Leopards, $223 at James Home Decor | 5. Faux White Leopard pillow, $95 at The Market | 6. Lexington fabric swirl pillow, $225 at Resource Room | 7. Villa by Classic Home, camel leather pillow, $112 at Ellecor8. Creative Co-op, Ombre pillow, $42.50 at Harrison House