It’s Beginning to Smell a lot Like Christmas with Reborn Candles

Reborn Candle Co. offers seasonally-scented candles for the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

By Blake Haynes

Nov 2020

Reborn Co. candle
Photo by Brandon AlmsReborn Co. is helping make your home smell seasonal this year. Purchase Photo

Reborn Candle Co. is a veteran owned company run by married couple Patty and Carlton Johnson and their son David. The couple's heart is truly in the Ozarks and their candles are evidence of that. “Christmas in the Ozarks” is one of their signature winter scents. “It reminds me of when I would visit Silver Dollar City as a child,” says Patty. The candle combines Christmas scents with natural smells of the Ozark Mountains. Other wintry scents like “Main Street Christmas” and “All the Jingle Ladies” add cozy touches to any holiday room. The price of these special candles ranges between $18 and $35. Reborn Candles can be found online at their website or on Amazon, as well as in stores across the Ozarks area including 5 Pound Apparel, Mama Jean's Natural Market and the Farmers Market of the Ozarks.