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How to Style Your Space

Explore home design inspiration with expert advice from designers in Springfield, Missouri.

By Jordan Blomquist

Feb 2024

Need a refresh? If you're unsure how to elevate your living space, we've got the design inspiration you need! Below, you’ll find:

• How to infuse color and prints with Decorating Den Interiors
• How to hone in on your unique design taste with tips from Concepts by Design.
• What to know before your remodel with tips from Light and Linen Designs
• A kitchen and dining room transformation by Obelisk Home

Whether you're updating a traditional home or looking for brand new ideas for styling your space, 417 Magazine has gathered projects and even some advice from some of Springfield's best home designers and decorators to help.


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Decorating Den Interiors Bedroom
Photo courtesy of Decorating Den InteriorsThe red pop of color is the star of the show in this project.
Decorating Den Interiors Details
Photo courtesy of Decorating Den InteriorsThe zebra patterned shades add a fun, modern flair.
Decorating Den Master Bedroom Details
Photo courtesy of Decorating Den InteriorsThe wall sconces above the bed frame allow for more space on the bedside tables.

Use Prints and Pops of Color to Style Your Space

Decorating Den Interiors

Location: 1310 N. Kelly Ave., Nixa
What they specialize in: Residential and light commercial interior design

After 28 years, Decorating Den Interiors continues to infuse style and creativity into every space they design. Whether it's a home or an office, their team helps clients visualize a design solution that aligns with their taste, space and budget. 

In a recent project, they turned a blank bedroom space into a cozy and stylish retreat. Each project presents different challenges, and in this case pictured, Decorating Den Interiors had to work around the difficult placement of the window and door. Their client also wanted an accent wallpaper but is an avid collector of colorful original art. Aiming for balance, the design team had to find beautiful wallpaper that would not clash with the client’s bright art pieces. After considering many options, they found an amazing embroidered ivory piece with a branching pattern. It provides texture and an unusual neutral backdrop for their existing colorful art. In this particular design, the team embraced the old with the new by choosing brightly colored and patterned zebra fabric for functional and fashionable Roman shades on the window and glass door on either side of the bed. The red pop of color on the shades and bed frame complements the client’s vibrant art pieces. By also pairing the antique tables with swing-arm lights, they were able to keep the table tops open for their client to use. This project has a tasteful blend of style, functionality and elegance.

Kitchen by Concepts by Design
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignThe kitchen seamlessly flows into the dining area.
Bathroom by Concepts by Design
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignConcepts by Design chose both modern and traditional accents for the kitchen.
Storage by Concepts by Design
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignWith no walk-in pantry, the Concepts by Design team had to get creative with storage.

How to Narrow Down Your Specific Design Taste

Concepts by Design

Location: 4123 N. State Hwy H, Springfield
What they specialize in: Custom cabinetry 

Concepts by Design specializes in the revamping of closets and cabinetry in an innovative and stylish way. In a recent project in 417-land, their focus was on design and functionality. The home itself was more traditional, so the design team was tasked with maintaining the aesthetics but modernizing—blending the old with the new. The client removed a walk-in pantry that acted as a divider between the kitchen and the living room, so the design team crafted distinctive storage solutions and transformed the kitchen into a versatile living and entertaining space tailored to the client’s needs.

If you're considering a remodel, Concepts by Design offers guidance on grasping your distinctive preferences and articulating your vision to designers and craftsmen. When it comes to narrowing down your specific design taste, the Concepts by Design team advises you to first reflect on your lifestyle and how you utilize your space. This consideration can shape the choice of cabinetry to align best with your needs. Create a mood board with snippets from your favorite home and interior design magazines or inspiration gathered from social media. Pay close attention to styles, colors and materials. Concepts by Design also suggests you explore samples and experiment—seeing actual samples or mock-ups can help you narrow down your preferences. The team encourages you to focus on functionality, material selection, customization, aesthetics, lighting and quality hardware. In the end, the goal is to create a space that feels comfortable and stylish with a touch of individuality.

Living Room by Light and Linen Designs
Photo courtesy of Light and Linen DesignsWebster opted for more modern light fixtures and lamps, used traditional artwork prints inside of modern frames and arranged them in a less traditional pattern, kept the traditional fireplace but styled it with more modern elements and selected a blend of modern and traditional furniture.
Bedroom by Light and Linen Designs
Photo courtesy of Light and Linen DesignsFor the bedroom, Webster chose a modern bedframe with a touch of traditional bedding and selected nightstands in a traditional wood, but a more modern style.
Entryway by Light and Linen Deisgns
Photo courtesy of Light and Linen DesignsWhen designing the entryway, Webster used a modern drawer style with the traditional base molding and chose a more modern color on the walls to balance the traditional cabinet colors.

Blending Traditional and Modern Designs

Light and Linen Designs

Location: Springfield, MO
What they specialize in: Kitchen and bathroom design, construction project management and whole home renovations and stylings

Focusing on function and beauty, Light and Linen Designs assists clients in creating cozy and stylish spaces. In a recent project, Lauren Webster—owner and lead designer at Light and Linen—fully renovated and styled a 3,500-square-foot home. “While my client’s tastes lean more modern, I had to find ways to honor the architecture of the home while bringing in more modern elements,” she says. This involved incorporating modern light fixtures, pairing traditional artwork with modern frames, blending traditional wood accents with a modern flair and more.

Through her projects, Webster has collected valuable tips for those interested in a redesign. Here are her top four:

• Honor the architecture of your home when styling your space. Many of Webster’s clients want to modernize their traditional-style homes, so finding ways to seamlessly blend two styles is essential.
• Connect your spaces. Use recurring accents, such as rugs, patterns, light fixtures or paint colors for consistency throughout your space.
• Blend the old with the new. For instance, a client of Webster’s had a cherished piece of artwork from their late grandmother they wanted to integrate into their home design. Webster introduced a new frame, resulting in a transformed piece of art that not only complements the client’s style but also holds sentimental value.
• Live with empty walls or tables for a while. Selecting the location of artwork and accents is as important as selecting the pieces themselves. Once you live in a space, you start to notice the places that need a piece of artwork, tree, floral or another accent. Filling a space then becomes more intentional and, in the end, produces a better result.

Home redesign by Obelisk Home
Photo courtesy of Obelisk HomeThe Obelisk Home team added pops of color to the space through the runners in the kitchen and the artwork hanging on the walls.
The before from Obelisk Home.
Photo courtesy of Obelisk HomeThe area before the renovation is unrecognizable.
Finished remodel by Obelisk Home.
Photo courtesy of Obelisk HomeThe space now seamlessly flows together and brings personality and cohesiveness.

Innovative Redesign: A Fusion of Functionality and Elegance

Obelisk Home

Location: 214 W. Phelps St. #101, Springfield

What they specialize in: Residential and commercial design

Obelisk Home, a beacon of creativity in the world of interior design, serves as an interior design firm, along with housing a retail store and art gallery in downtown Springfield, Missouri. The firm recently unveiled a project that redefines the concept of modern living. This project was marked by major structural changes that gave new life to a closed-off kitchen and dining room.

The focal point of the transformation was to raise a sunken dining room, unlocking a wealth of possibilities. The additional space was utilized to create a central gathering area while seamlessly integrating the kitchen, breakfast nook and two distinct living spaces. This open-concept design not only enhances the visual appeal but also fosters a sense of togetherness and versatility.

One of the standout features of Obelisk Home's redesign is the introduction of a butler's pantry behind the kitchen. This sophisticated addition adds a touch of elegance and serves a practical purpose, providing extra storage and preparation space.

Obelisk Home's commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining spaces is evident in every detail of this remodel. The fusion of major structural changes, open-concept design and thoughtful additions like the butler's pantry showcases the firm's ability to seamlessly marry functionality with elegance.

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