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Camp Barnabas’s Glamping Yurt Party

A Camp Barnabas glamping party was made unique in Missi Joplin’s handmade backyard yurt.

By Jo Everhart

Sep 2021

Yurt outside fall
Photo by Tessa CooperThe event took place November 7, shortly after the Joplin family moved into the home. Before touring the home, Joplin’s mother informed her she was friends with the original owner of the home and her sons had built them a shed. While touring, Joplin was happily surprised to find the “shed” her mother mentioned was actually a beautiful, one-of-a-kind yurt. Purchase Photo

Camp Barnabas’s beloved annual glamping fundraiser was moved online last year due to the pandemic, but co-chair of the event, Missi Joplin, didn’t let that stop them from making the event a success. They sent out packages to all sponsors and attendees of the event and she threw a small get-together for friends to enjoy glamping in her backyard yurt.

Outside of yurt
Photos by Tessa CooperJoplin and her husband BJ spent the majority of the evening playing yard games and sitting by the fire. This gave their night a unique feel from past years where the fundraiser has taken place in person at the White River Conference Center. Purchase Photo
Glamping table in yurt
Photos by Tessa CooperSponsors of the event were provided with crates full of goodies from Brown Derby including meat, cheese, silicone wine cups, bottles of wine, chocolates and more depending on their level of sponsorship. Joplin’s table, made from spare wood and two whiskey barrels, made the perfect set up for charcuterie. Purchase Photo
Mens table in yurt
Photos by Tessa CooperThe men were given a table of their own adorned with masculine decor including beer steins in place of wine glasses and antlers in place of flowers. Purchase Photo
Women taking picture
Photos by Tessa CooperDarla Rosen, Andrea Roberts, Jodi Hamilton, Mindy Frech and Missi Joplin are all long-time supporters of Camp Barnabas and it was Frech who first got Joplin involved with Barnabas. Purchase Photo
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