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A Place to Entertain at Home in Southwest Missouri

Welcome to a home in southwest Missouri where inner child dreams meet grown-up wish list.

by Jennifer Johnmeyer

Mar 2022

Poolside seating entertaining outdoors
Photo by Brandon AlmsAmanda Simmons says that a pool had never initially crossed their minds, but the layout of their backyard once their house design was finished caused a “twinkle in [her] husband’s eye.” The pool build led to a second twinkle for the avid golfer, and the idea of a putting green next to the pool was born. Purchase Photo

A pool, a putting green, a playhouse and a pass-through. Welcome to the space where inner child dreams meet grown-up wish list.
“It was the view that initially drew us here. We knew the sunsets would be amazing,” says owner Amanda Simmons. 

In addition to gorgeous views, buying the land to begin building their home checked a couple more items off Simmons’ list. 

“We wanted a neighborhood, but the fact that we would also have space within that neighborhood was everything,” she says. “We had built a home previously with no backyard, so we didn’t want to do that again.”

What she didn’t imagine was how the building of their home would also lead to an outdoor expansion of livable, and beautiful, space. 
“When we first started building, a pool never crossed our minds,” Simmons says. “Once the build started and we saw the layout of the backyard, my husband got a twinkle in his eye.”

As the weather got warmer, Amanda agreed. After meeting with the landscaping team and securing the services of Buster Crabbe Pool Group, “it all started to fall into place.”

And it kept going. The Simmons family also chose the area for its proximity to a golf course (husband David is an avid golfer), so his next twinkle was having a family putting green. “Our landscaper made that possible and put the putting green right next to the pool area. The kids love that,” Amanda laughs.

In keeping with the home’s modern vibe, the landscaper and the builder utilized modern stones for the fire pit, and a landscaping wall for the steeper hill.  The pool’s safety fence also matches the modern tone, with a horizontal wooden fence with cedar tones. 

Outdoor seating at a southwest Missouri home

The dining area was born of a desire to expand entertainment options to the other side of the house. It offers a nearby fireplace and comfortable seating for both guests and family. Paired with the pass-through, it makes outdoor dinners natural and frequent.

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Deck seating in a southwest Missouri

A desire to create a flow from inside to out led to a fully functional outdoor space. Seating options are numerous, from poolside to this beautiful outdoor living area, offering comfortable covered seating where guests can relax.

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Serving window at a home in southwest Missouri

The pass-through window with bar has provided an unexpected delight that’s been a hit with the Simmons children, who sometimes hop up on the stools by the pass-through to eat their lunch.

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Photos by Brandon Alms

The outdoor dining space was born of a desire to expand entertainment options to the other side of the house. “It’s large, so we can entertain,” Simmons says. “We have a fireplace and a dining area. We have a pass-through window with a little bar, so we can pass through on the window. The kids can eat at the bar, and we can pass through the drinks.”

Though the children use the outdoor amenities, it was also important for the Simmonses to give them their own space. “My husband, his father and his grandfather made a playhouse for the kids, too,” Simmons says. “It’s between four trees, and really matches the house in tone and appearance. They got all the supplies and went to town. My mother-in-law and I painted it and I think I love it more than the kids, honestly. Our vision really came true.”