The Lozanos family in Republica, MO
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Home of the Tigers, Republic, Missouri is also home to 19,728 people, according to the United States Census Bureau. Friday Night Lights is huge in Republic, especially this past season with their Republic High School football team’s success—they ended the season with a winning record and an appearance at the state championship game. Jason and Megan Lozano’s son, the oldest of four boys ranging from second to 12th grade, was a player on that team this season. “We were gifted a wonderful coach three years ago,” Megan Lozano says. “He has really turned that program around.” The Lozanos host frequent tailgates at their barn on Friday nights since they live so close to the high school. “The Friday night environment at the Tigers stadium is pretty hard to beat,” Lozano says. At the end of every summer, football season kicks off with a Friday Night Lights event at the high school. The whole community rallies together for a big tailgate and a scrimmage fundraiser. “These boys put in an unbelievable amount of work and time,” Lozano says. “This whole community has rallied around supporting the team.”

The Lozano family has called Republic home for a decade now. Originally from east Springfield, they relocated to build a traditional farmhouse on their land. Megan, who works remotely as an educational account executive at Zoom, spends roughly 10 hours a day on her computer. Consequently, she prioritized large windows to be able to see outside while working. Their residence is situated on a plot of land utilized for gardening and practicing sports like football, baseball, track and basketball.

Before Republic, the kids attended Springfield Lutheran School. While transferring schools can be nerve-wracking—for both students and parents—Republic has proven to be a positive experience. “We’ve been just beyond thrilled with the education that they get,” Lozano says. Their oldest will enter college with several classes already completed. “That’s a huge deal—to have those dual credits and honors classes.”

Outside of sports, the Lozanos enjoy visiting Republic’s Aquatic Center, which is currently undergoing expansion. Jason and Megan also like to explore new restaurants and bars in Republic. “The town is growing like crazy,” Lozano says.  

There are lots of opportunities to meet and get to know new people and connect—like Republic Pumpkin Daze and the Have-A-Blast Patriotic Celebration. “Republic maintains that small-town feeling even though it’s a really big town at this point,” Lozano says. For her, the people make Republic feel like home. “There are a lot of legacy families that live here in Republic,” she says. “It’s nice to be able to mold right into the community, especially when you have kids involved.”

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Republic, MO

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in Republic, Missouri is a great place to learn about Civil War history.

Beer at Wire Road Brewing Co.

Wire Road Brewing Company is just down the road from Republic, Missouri.

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Photo courtesy Springfield CVB, by Leah Stiefermann

What Residents Love About Republic, Missouri

The Chance to Explore History

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is a great place to learn about Civil War history—or just enjoy a stroll or bike ride on the park’s scenic trail.

Meeting for Beers and Cheers

Just down the road (and technically in Battlefield) is Wire Road Brewery, with its expansive lawn, locally brewed beers and visiting food trucks.