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Add Vintage Soul to Your Outdoor Space

Danavee Long’s vintage collection extends to the outside of her craftsman bungalow creating a period appropriate patio. Learn how to add character to your own space with these tips!

by Heather Kane Kohler

Apr 22 2022 at 8 a.m.

Danavee Long's home
Photo by Leah StiefermannLearn how Danavee Long finds items for her vintage style.

Danavee Long’s love for all things antique and vintage runs deep, so when it came to furnishing her outdoor antiqued brick patio, she went 100% vintage. She scoured Facebook Marketplace and took home two unique outdoor patio sets and she thrifted many of her outdoor accessories from thrift stores and garage sales. But it’s not just about snagging a deal for Long. “Durability and quality come to mind,” she says. “These pieces were well made and are still sturdy, and they have so much more character, too.” Long explains. She also loves that she gets something one-of-a-kind. “In the end it comes down to being unusual and different. I love having pieces that not everyone has. Pieces that are nostalgic, cozy, welcoming—feels like grandma's backyard when you were a kiddo,” says Long.

If you want to go the vintage route for your outdoor space this summer, Long suggests taking your time curating it and to try mixing different pieces together to get a unique set. “Be patient! I collected mine over the course of a few summers. Be open minded about color—metal is easy to update. Be okay with snagging a table here and a chair there. You can put an eclectic set together over time,” Long says.

Home in Springfield MO
Photos by Leah Stiefermann
Tableset on back yard patio
Photos by Leah Stiefermann
Drinks and snacks on table in back yard patio
Photos by Leah Stiefermann
Food on table in back yard patio
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Seating and tables with food on back yard patio
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Danavee Long on her back yard patio
Photos by Leah Stiefermann
Back of Danavee Long's home
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Danavee Long
Photos by Leah Stiefermann

There are lots of ways to add character to your outdoor space beside just vintage patio furniture. Long recommends looking for entertaining and gardening accessories to add charm to your space. “Keep your eye out for metal tables of any shape, height or size, because tables are very easy to mix and match. Vintage flower pots with a great patina and old concrete planters are great finds as well.  Vintage metal plant stands are probably my favorite vintage find though. I use them all around the patio to help add accent colors through flowers. Other accessories I look for include large wicker or metal trays to use for gatherings, as well as vintage pitcher sets from the ’50s” Long explains.

Whatever style you're looking for, there is no denying that going vintage lets you avoid long shipping delays and you get to see what you’re buying in person. Make an experience out of styling your outdoor spaces this summer and shop old, because it’s what’s new again!