Table Talk

Table Talk: September 14–21

This week: Indian cuisine is in our future, Masters of Bourbon returns, and we talk Ranch Water.

By Jorge Cespedes

Sep 14 2021 at 8 a.m.

Ranch Water cocktail photo
Photo by Colin Shea DennistonRanch water is trending right now. Here's where to get it and how to make it at home. Purchase Photo

Meet 417 Magazine’s New Food Editor

Hi, I’m Jorge. I’ve been curious about flavors since I can remember, and growing up in Costa Rica made it very easy for me to taste all of the fruits in our garden plus the abundance of extravagant flavors all around me. As a chef, I get to understand and manipulate those flavors into unforgettable experiences. I’m always hungry and still very curious. Check out my interview with 417 Magazine president and publisher Logan Aguirre to learn more about me.

Ranch Water is So Trendy Right Now

What a unique name, right? Ranch Water. And it’s exactly what you’re thinking of: Texas ranchers. You see, in the dry, warm fields of west Texas, ranchers would carry around bottles of Topo Chico, a Mexican sparkling water with an almost spicy effervescence from a company that’s been around more than 100 years, and by the end of the day it was time to chug a few inches from the top of the bottle and top it off with a bit of tequila and a splash of lime juice. There are many theories about the actual origin of this cocktail’s name, with a bar and hotel claiming it as their own, but the important thing is that this has become a very popular drink to order because of the simplicity and how refreshing it can be. You can try one by walking up to the bar at Farmer’s Gastropub and asking for a Ranch Water. It’s an off-the-menu item but the bartenders there have your back. Here’s our take on the simply delicious Ranch Water.

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Masters of Bourbon Returns to Big Cedar Lodge

One of the many unique and one-of-a-kind events at Big Cedar Lodge is back with all its guns blazing. Masters of Bourbon, happening on Saturday September 25, is a culinary and spirits extravaganza and a night to remember, with activities like a sporting clay shoot at the Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy, a reception with tastings of bourbon-based cocktails, a succulent dinner menu paired with the right whiskeys, a shotgun shooting exhibition and finally some desserts and cigars by the fire. Don’t miss this one, folks.

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Nawab’s Indian Restaurant is Opening Soon

The Kickapoo Corners Shopping Center is getting ready to receive one of its newest restaurants, Nawab’s Indian Cuisine. Focused on Punjabi cuisine from the north of India, this restaurant is trying its hardest to open sometime mid-fall with house-made naan bread and a unique take on Indian street food. We are excited for this new spot to open so we can go give it a try. Stay tuned for more.

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Apple Picking Season is Here

Are you guys as excited about apple picking season as I am? I love the crisp weather and most importantly, the delicious recipes that follow. The pies, the cakes, the drinks, and so much more. We’ve put together a list of places to go and pick those delicious apples you are so craving right now. I honestly can’t get enough of apple pie. One of my aunts makes such a good one that every time she came over for Christmas she would ask what to bring, and even as a kid my answer was always, “Mom, tell her to bring her apple pie!” I guess I’ve always been a glutton for delicious cuisine.