Here's What's Next for 417 Magazine's Home Content

Home Editor-at-Large Heather Kohler reflects on what’s next for 417 Home.

by Heather Kohler

Feb 2024

Heather Kohler
Heather Kohler, Home Editor-at-Large, looks back to move forward.

As Spring approaches, my mind swirls with images of new beginnings in my garden and my home. A fresh start to all things is so energizing and with that I’m excited to report, I’ll be dreaming up more home stories to share in print in 417 Magazine going forward. If you haven't heard, we’ve shuttered the 417 Home print magazine and are moving our home-centric content into 417 Magazine. This means, more frequent home-related stories for our readers each month—and lots more stories for me to plan!

With these changes, I’ve been reflecting on how 417 Home magazine has evolved and grown over the years. It’s hard to believe my life has been intertwined with the magazine for over 10 years. Time really flies when you get to do what you love! Ten years of all of you graciously letting us into your homes and designers sharing their beautiful work. I’ll never forget working on the 417 Home redesign on my living room floor into the wee hours of the morning back in 2018. What a fun and challenging opportunity that was! When I say I’m close to this magazine, I mean it wholeheartedly. Since I began working on the magazine, I’ve remodeled two homes, moved to the country, sharpened my gardening skills, got married and have had two beautiful boys. 417 Home made my love for DIYs and design flourish year after year. I’ve grown with the magazine, just as the magazine has grown with me. It’s bittersweet to see it go, but I’m so happy to see more 417 Home stories in 417 Magazine!

Just as the seasons change, so must we. With that being said, I’m also thrilled to bring new online home content to you in our brand new monthly newsletter, House of 417! Be sure to subscribe by dropping your email address below to receive home styling ideas, sneak peeks into beautiful local homes, events and more right to your inbox. Sharing what I love about living in 417-land and showing readers how others live and thrive in their homes is what House of 417 (and the new home-centric print content in 417 Magazine) is all about. So don’t be shy; share your home passions and ideas with me at or tag your photos #houseof417, because we’ve got a lot of stories to plan!

Heather Kohler
Home Editor-at-Large