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Holly Hill, Rob Clements, Josh Bates and Kris Taylor
Holly Hill, Rob Clements, Josh Bates and Kris Taylor


1310 E. Kingsley St., Ste. D
Springfield, MO
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About Northern Summit Technology

Some days business is great. It’s “all systems go.” Click, swipe... and money in the bank. Then there are those days when it’s click… swipe… wait. Click again. Hit the button. Wait. Hit the button harder. Wait. Blue screen of death. Pretending this disaster won’t happen is just a really bad idea. Because when it does happen, the cost can be catastrophic. A really good idea? Prepare for “those days” by hiring Northern Summit Technology.

Northern Summit Technology is the best friend of small and medium-sized businesses. They are the IT department business owners dream about. The IT department staffed with experts who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are the IT department that is dedicated to their customers’ security, productivity, identity and bottom line. Their solutions work. Every time.

Information Technology is more than troubleshooting. It’s planning, securing and maintaining a reliable infrastructure for each unique business. And protecting that business from the latest hacker or malware. At the end of the day, Northern Summit improves a company’s efficiency and productivity… and their bottom line.

Trust is a big deal. Northern Summit Technology earns it with 20 plus years of knowledge and experience, and specialized technicians. They thoroughly understand the IT needs of many business verticals, including the unique needs of Apple networks and engineering, finance, legal, medical and dental businesses. 

Take advantage of a free network assessment. Get back to business and let Northern Summit make sure the technology is “all systems go.”


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