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2924 S Lone Pine Ave
Springfield, MO
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About Stretch Zone

Feel lighter and younger with Stretch Zone. Stretch Zone is different from stretching at home, because their practitioner-assisted approach by helping you stretch through a personalized routine performed by trained practitioners. Stretch Zone practitioners follow specific protocols to properly position, stabilize, and manipulate muscles using powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior.

Stretch Zone focuses on reeducating the nerve-muscle reflex, allowing you to move easier. Their goal isn’t to make you more “flexible” or “elastic,” but to increase your active range of motion so that you can move further before you even feel a stretch.

Anyone can improve spatial awareness, increase reaction time, and improve range of motion with the help of Stretch Zone. Their approach works with the nervous system to achieve lasting flexibility gains and has helped a variety of people from all backgrounds and ages, including pro athletes and celebrities, reach their athletic best.