Queen City Wine Dive’s Cheesecake is Worth Every Sinful Bite

Queen City Wine Dive serves cheesecake that is perfect in its simplicity.

By Vivian Wheeler

May 2019

Cheesecake from Queen City Wine Dive
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe cheesecake from Queen City Wine Dive comes with your choice of caramel or berry topping. Purchase Photo

I love a fancy dessert as much as the next person. I’ve had my fair share of macarons, and I’ve stood in awe of a perfectly constructed croquembouche. And yet, sometimes, simple is best. At least that’s how I feel about homemade cheesecake. A good piece of cheesecake will stand up to any fancy dessert out there, and Queen City Wine Dive (105 Park Central Sq., 417-429-9020) makes a great cheesecake. It’s so rich that it almost feels as if your fork moves in slow motion when it’s slicing through a piece. It’s creamy and sweet and just a bit tangy. The decadent cheesecake filling sits on top of a buttery graham cracker crust, and it comes with a choice of caramel or berry topping. However, I simply prefer it plain. Why mess with perfection?

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