Floral Drinks & Desserts You Can Find in Southwest Missouri

The flowers are blooming and now your taste buds can too with these local, floral-flavored treats.

by Megan Dollar

Apr 2021

Bouquet Latte at Eurasia Coffee Co.
Photo courtesy Eurasia Coffee CompanySip on a Bouquet Latte at Eurasia Coffee Company.

Please, when my time comes, bury me among the blooms. I love flowers. I love floral flavors, floral scents, floral décor—all of it. But I especially enjoy a nice floral-flavored latte, cocktail or confection in the spring, and I think you’ll enjoy these local renditions, too.

Eurasia Coffee’s Bouquet Latte

445 E. Commercial St., Springfield
A latte made with rosewater and simple syrup and topped with dried flowers from Ozark Mountain Flower Truck. Local, delicious and perfectly Instagrammable.

Prairie Pie’s Hibiscus Lemon Pies

307 Jefferson Ave., Springfield
As compared to the more perfum-y rose and lavender, hibiscus is a floral that packs a sweet and sour punch, and the lemon just accentuates it all.