Raspberry Mojito from Zapata Tequila Bar and Grill

Zapata Tequila Bar and Grill offers a refreshing cocktail with subtle raspberry hints.

By Alex Wolken

Dec 2018

pink alcoholic rum drink in springfield mo
Photo by Vivian WheelerRaspberry Mojito from Zapata Tequila Bar and Grill Purchase Photo

After a recent late-night grocery run with my wife and our cute-but-crying infant as co-pilot in the grocery aisle gauntlet, we needed a professionally prepared meal and mixed drink. We found what we needed at Zapata Tequila Bar & Grill (1425 W. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-883-7000). Initially unsure if a tequila bar was right for a kiddo, we found a clientele of college-age diners and younger families. I chose my reward for good parenting with a raspberry mojito. The drink arrived with a hearty sprig of rosemary standing inside the clear mojito clouded near the top by red raspberry. In the first sip, I was drawn in by the warm herb fragrance of rosemary that melded with the subtler-than-expected raspberry flavor. The mojito’s herb-forward notes complemented our spicy meal. If you ever find yourself on an evening errand on the west-side of Springfield, why not treat yourself for adulting done right with a refreshing cocktail?