Fall in Love with Luxury Handbags

Indulge in these little bits of luxury to sweeten up your day.

Styled by Heather Kane | Photo by Brandon Alms

Feb 2017

Handbags from Wickman's Garden Village and cakes from European Café.

1. INZI blue purse with suede and python, $113

2. INZI red leather purse with leopard lining, $81

3. INZI black leather purse with python accents, $115

4. Ferrero Rocher layers of light chocolate cake and hazelnut cream, $4.99

5. INZI python leather purse, $107

6. Chocolate hazel mousse chocolate cake, $5.99.

All purses from In-House Boutique at Wickman’s Garden Village. All cakes from European Café.


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