Four Bulbs to Plant in Your Garden in March

Get your hands dirty and plant some easy-to-grow bulbs in your garden for the start of spring.

By Jenna DeJong

Mar 2018

Elephant Ear Plant
Alocasia Elephant Ear provides a beautiful green backdrop for your flower garden.

Stretch your stiff winter limbs and step outdoors because the long chilly months are coming to a close. Celebrate the start of spring by planting a few bulbs that will give your garden a beautiful extra splash of color. Whether you’re looking for large green foliage or blooming flowers, these bulbs put your spirits in a sunshine daydream.

Canna bulbs thrive in a moist setting with full sun but can be grown in partial shade, says Lynne Reynolds from Wheeler Gardens & Florist. Best of all, cannas require very little maintenance once planted, and after they bloom, the flowers are perfect for bouquets.

Elephant Ear 
“Favoring rich, moist soil, elephant ear bulbs can be grown in full sun or filtered sun or shade depending on variety,” Reynolds says. Although they do not have a bloom, these plants provide great foliage and mix well with vibrant-colored flowers. Plant the bulbs 5 to 6 inches below ground level and water frequently during dry spells. Not seeing much growth? Not to worry—elephant ear bulbs grow slowly, says Kathy McFarland with Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.  

Correct water and nutrients are crucial in the early life of caladium bulbs. Fertilize soil before or after planting to strengthen bulbs for next season. Keep bulbs moist but not so wet that they’ll rot, Reynolds says. If you’re unsure, err on the drier side. Plant the bulbs 1 inch below the ground and four to six inches apart for the best results. 

Double Oriental Lilies
Double Oriental Lilies add exotic pops of color to home gardens all summer long.

Offered in a wide variety of colors, lilies are perfect for customizing your garden. Oriental, Asiatic or Madonna lilies offer a summer bloom, and Reynolds says their one requirement is well-drained soil. Plant the bulbs 6 to 8 inches beneath the surface and watch their beauty come to life. To strengthen their droopy stems, McFarland recommends stalking the plants as they grow taller.

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