Jungle Style

Local fashion gurus share their tips for the best way to show off your wild side with animal prints.

Written by Rose Marthis | Styled by Elyse Philipak | Photos by Brandon Alms

May 2016

DO: Start with Accessories

“If you’re wearing a little black dress or red dress, incorporate the print in to the look by adding an accessory, such as a leopard print purse or shoes, or even a hair accessory.”

—Dena Dill, with Town & County


DON’T: Get Too Wild

“Unless you work at Dickerson Park Zoo, one piece is plenty to make a statement.  Pair print leggings with a solid tunic or a jazzy top with jeans. Animal shoes and boots are fun. Make them the focus and play them up by keeping everything else neutral.” —Susan Todd, with Hip Chick Boutique   


DO: Add it in Layers

“Incorporate animal pieces with solids or stripes. The trend this spring we are seeing on fashion blogs is the basic black and white striped tee layered with an animal print cardigan.  Animal print is always a hit with denim.” —Lindsay Jones, with The Red Poppy Boutique


DO: Own It

“Prints can show your strength and authority. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a blouse or a scarf with your power suit or pencil skirt.” —S.T. 


DON’T: Mix Animal with Animal

“Don’t match animal print if the print is large.  Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild.  If your top is a leopard, tiger or zebra print, let the tights, skirt or pants be a solid.  If it’s your dress that has the print, then let your shoes be plain, black or nude.” —L.J.


DO: Let it Welcome the Season

“You can pair animal print with a fun color of denim, like hot pink or red. It brightens up your wardrobe!” —D.D. 


DO: Make it Pop

“My favorite is to wear a neutral outfit and use animal print as your pop of color in a scarf, handbag, shoes or jewelry.” —L.J.


DON’T: Be Afraid to Mix Other Prints

“I love matching animal print with other prints, such as black and white stripes or polka dots. You’ll be surprised how feminine and fun it makes you feel! Take fashion risks—it’s way more fun. Treat leopard print as a neutral.” —D.D. 


DO: Keep it Fresh with Colors

“Animal prints are fabulous any time of year! A new way to wear animal print is to team it with bright colors. The key is to go for only one single vibrant color. Try an emerald green this summer. Shades of pink, red, yellow and pastels work well with leopard print, too.” —L.J.