The 8th Dimension from Alamo Backlot

The 8th Dimension from the Alamo Backlot is a favorite to sip on and our drink of the month.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Nov 2018

yellow alcoholic drink with lemon
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe 8th Dimension is one of the many cocktails offered at the Alamo Backlot. Purchase Photo

In my current stage of life (a working parent to two 5-and-unders), movie time is usually nap time. If I can stick it out to the end of a feature-length film, you know I have a few cups of coffee under my belt. That’s why I don’t head to the movies very often anymore—it’s an expensive nap. But once Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (4005 South Ave., Springfield) came to town with its open-to-the-fresh-air bar and servers who bring food and drinks directly to your table, I decided it was time to welcome movies back into my life, along with some great cocktail options from the Alamo Backlot. One favorite is The 8th Dimension. With its simple-but-delicious combination of Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale and Lillet Blanc, the drink offers a little touch of fruitiness without too much sweetness. The Tank 7 brings a citrus hint and a bit of barely-bitter balance. It’s definitely a cocktail worth staying awake for.