417 Magazine's Life Interrupted Video Series presented by Burrell Behavioral Health

Life Interrupted: Video Series

Feeling like your life has been turned upside down? You're not alone. Routines are out of whack, rites of passage have been postponed and stress levels are elevated. We're all trying to balance grieving lost moments while looking at the positive side of things.

Listen along as 417-landers get real and share their stories of coping with the impact of COVID-19 during 417 Magazine's Life Interrupted presented by Burrell Behavioral Health. In the four-part web series, Burrell's Dr. Shelly Farnan talks through mental health strategies to help you stay connected and emotionally healthy in the midst of so much change.

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Dana & Christina Ford | 417 Magazine's Life Interrupted Virtual Series

Marriage Interrupted
Featuring Dana & Christina Ford
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Couples are home together more than ever before. Missouri State University Men's Basketball Head Coach Dana Ford typically dedicates much of his time to practice and games, but without them, the Ford family's routine is out the window. What can couples do to stay connected and emotionally healthy?

Cox & Elmquist Families| 417 Magazine's Life Interrupted Virtual Series

Moments Interrupted
Featuring The Cox & Elmquist Families
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Steve Cox's mother, Corinne, passed away from COVID-19 while isolated from family and friends. In turn, the Cox family has been unable to arrange a celebration of her life. For Kirk and Kretia Elmquist, their son, Cross, missed out on much of his senior basketball season, prom and graduation. These local families share how they've grieved the loss of these moments while continuing to look on the bright side.

Bade & Davis Families | 417 Magazine's Life Interrupted Virtual Series

Home Interrupted
Featuring Josh & Melissa Bade; Shawna & CJ Davis

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For many parents, dealing with COVID-19 has become the ultimate balancing act. While juggling work schedules and homeschooling, parents like Josh and Melissa Bade are also dealing with broken arms, haircuts by 4-year-olds, emotional breakdowns and more. How will this continuous stress and anxiety of constantly being "on" impact the mental health of parents and children?

Clif Smart Abdillahi Dirie | 417 Magazine's Life Interrupted

College Interrupted
Featuring MSU's Clif Smart and Outgoing Student Body President Abdillahi Dirie
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The college experience students once knew no longer exists. Classes have gone virtual, graduations are pending and the job market is uncertain. Now, many parents, siblings and students are readjusting to living under the same roof again. Together, Clif Smart and Abdillahi Dirie talk through the changing college experience, and Burrell provides tips on supporting these young adults experiencing so much change.

Dr. Shelly Farnan of Burrell Behavioral Health

Featuring Dr. Shelly Farnan of Burrell Behavioral Health

Dr. Shelly Farnan is a licensed psychologist who serves as the System Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Burrell, and spearheads its daily "Be Well" initiative that has been leading Burrell and its communities through self-care and connection during this time. Dr. Farnan brings a genuine style of respect, warmth, acceptance and humor to each Life Interrupted session.