Graduate from Elf on the Shelf with Chad (the Dad)’s Holiday Games

Chad Harris, a comic and contributor to The Mystery Hour, hits the stage as Chad (the Dad). This month, he answers questions about navigating life in 417-land.

By Chad Harris

Dec 2019

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We’re done with Elf on the Shelf. What’s Next? 

This year we have very little reason to continue the Elf on the Shelf ritual. We’re finished. My son told me he had nightmares of the elf teleporting around the house. Here are a few ideas to keep kids on their toes as well as replace that freaky faerie:

Moose on the Loose

Similar to hide-and-seek, this game starts with the entire family donning an article of moose-related clothing, then hiding around the house attempting to scare each other happy holidays style. If you scare someone, you get their moose gear to wear.

Moose on the Loose: Caboose Edition

Played the same way as above, but if you scare a family member, they must follow you train-style until the next person is found and added to the end of the train, etc.

Reindeer of Fear

This game is for families who want a direct tie to the holidays and don’t mind chanting “Reindeer of Fear! Reindeer of Fear!” Of course, this game is like Moose on the Loose but played wearing a full rubber horse mask with antlers placed on top. These are my gifts to you. Retire that creepy shelf squatter and reclaim more time to yourself around the holidays. It’s going to be the best Christmas season ever!

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