Chad the Dad Preps for the Super Bowl

Chad Harris, a stand-up comic and regular contributor to The Mystery Hour, hits the stage as Chad the Dad to answer questions from a dad’s perspective.

By Chad Harris

Feb 2019

How do I prepare my kids for a Super Bowl party? 

The big game is coming up, which means commercials, corn chips and contact sports. But what about the kids? Most likely, they are too young to be interested or will be too tired to stay up to see which team wins the match. Nevertheless, there are ways to engage their interest while teaching them some finer points about the game: 

1. Let the kids in on the prop bets, i.e. “Will the anthem take longer than two minutes?” “Which will be more: random burps or nachos eaten by Dad?” They can even take side bets on who uses the restroom most. Use your imagination.

2. Remind kids that refilling your snacks and beverages are “first downs”; not doing so earns “penalties” that diminish their ability to stay up past bedtime by increments of 15 minutes. 

3. Commercials are half the fun. Give your kid a specific brand to watch for during commercials. The brand with the best ads wins. 

4. After a touchdown, give your kid permission to run the room slapping everyone on the butt saying “atta-boy.”

Pro tip: Bring some books or electronics so your kid can take a break from the other children. Call it some huddle-free time. 



Chad (the Dad) is a husband, father and comic who realizes it takes a village to raise a child, yet he maintains you should raise your own damn kids to make the world a better place. Send him questions at

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